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Anti-age facial € 75,00
Cleansing facial € 50,00
Face massage (30 minutes) € 30,00
Manicure € 25,00
French manicure € 30,00
Hands treat. supplement € 10,00
Pedicure € 35,00
French pedicure € 40,00
Legs and bikini € 35,00
Chest or back € 25,00
Half leg € 20,00
Face or arms € 15,00
Eyebrows € 6,00
Bikini or armpits € 8,00
Upper lip € 8,00

Partial massage:
Ideal to concentrate on specific "critical" areas or that are in tension.
We handle specifically legs, gluteus, back or cervical.
30 minutes € 40,00
Lymph drainage:
It helps lymph to flow and with its draining action, it put liquids back in circulation favouring their elimination, gives lightness to the body and has a detoxifying action.
50 minutes € 75,00
Sport Massage:
After sport this massage enlarges the muscular tone, it smooths the articulation's surfaces, stretches the capsule and ligaments, favour the reabsorption of exudates and transudates, give back vitality to the body.

50 minutes € 70,00
Massage with honey:
It's a sweet massage with a selection of Acacia and Chestnut honeys.
Beside this relaxing massage you have a natural and effective skin exfoliation, and it becomes soft, velvety, preciously nourrished and remosturized again.
50 minutes € 60,00
Stones massage:
Specific essential oils and hot stones put on main chakra give immediate beneficent reactions on principal body systems (muscular and cardiovascular), and a deep relaxation that induces wellbeing of body and mind.
50 minutes € 90,00
Relaxing massage with orange and cinnamon oil: 
It softens skin, reactivate lymphatic and blood circulation, increases local temperature and consequently improve the nutrition of cellular elements, soothing nervous and sensory branches.
It relaxes muscular tissues and improves mood and psychophysical equilibrium. Sweet almond oil helps with its soothing, protective and lenitiv characteristics.
50 minutes € 65,00