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Our history

Our project starts here...from a big and old mountain stable.
We have recovered everything that was possible. From the old Planchì, larch floor, to the old interior doors, from the stone of the walls to the windows.
We have kept everything and we have tried to melt into the project of the Hotel.
The aim has always been to tend to modernity without losing the origins and the strong link with the territory.
The relax room, the bar counter, the reception of the SPA and the stone cladding come from the original place.

From the outset it was evident the strong commitment to the planet, a modern and responsible architecture.
Hotel La Chance also stands for other environmentals benefits:
use of renewable energy;
reduction of electrical consumption through the use of low-energy lamps;
Reduction of drinking water consumption through mixers air/water;
waste separation for plastic, glass, cardboard and paper.

If we were able to realize this structure is also thanks to two great friends who have guided us since the beginning of this adventure: Luca Disort and Danilo Montovert.
Our stories have intersected in the mid 90's.
Jean-Paul (one of the two owners), when obtained the quantity surveyor graduation, began to collaborate with Danilo who already had specialized in interior design. From the beginning has created a great feeling. Few years later Danilo began the collaboration with the architect Disort who follow the works from a structural point of view.
Today, Luca and Danilo are two professionals of renowned capacity.
DANILO MONTOVERT +39 0165 1850215
LUCA DISTORT +39 0165 1756100

Danilo Montovert personally designed furniture and chairs...he guided us in the choice of lights, fabrics, curtains and furniture.
Luca Distort took care of the colours, movement of the pitched roof, material recovery.

A big thanks for all the wonderful work they have done but also for the support they given us.
We never felt abandoned and we were always encouraged to achieve the objectives.
Fundamental to the success of the initiative is also Jean-Paul. The elaboration of the technical drawings is his and also the daily commitment in the pipeline to follow the works.

Also thanks to an affectionate and constant presence of many friends and our family. Without their help we would have never come this far.

The outcome of today is the result of great sacrifices, passion, attention to detail and dedication. We hope that, if you choose to be our guests, all this transpire.