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La Chance Hotel

From mountain pasture to Eco-friendly hotel

Our project begins here: a spacious mountain pasture dating back to 1890. The building used to be at the heart of the valley, but its ruins later became a great challenge. The vision that guided us along the path was clear from the very beginning: we wanted to strive for modernity without losing sight of the building’s origins and its strong connection to the surrounding territory. Since we believed this connection was extremely important, we made thoughtful choices in terms of environmental sustainability, the use of renewable energy and we paid attention to avoid the excessive exploitation of natural resources. With a lot of passion and courage, and a pinch of madness, the renovation and expansion of the old alpine pasture began in July 2007.

We have kept everything we could. From the Planchì, a type of larch flooring, to the old door frames; from the stones used for the walls to the old window frames We tried to reuse those objects so that we could transform the alpine pasture into what we wanted the La Chance Hotel to be. The relaxation room, the bar counter, the spa reception space and part of the stone cladding have been kept from the original building and included in the new design.

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