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The SPA of Hotel La Chance, the only one of the whole Pila, will welcome you for a moment of pleasure and intense relaxation.

Slow down, try to get back in touch with yourself. Please take the time to fully enjoy the trails.
Let yourself be carried by the fragrances, the soft music and the quiet of the place.

Among jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or one of the three treatment rooms, our team of beauticians and graduates masseurs, will expertly advise you and give you all the necessary attention to achieve your absolute well-being.

Der Eintritt ist für Hotelgäste täglich von 14:30 mit letzter Einlass um 16:00 Uhr. Nach diesen Stunden bis 20:00 Uhr unsere Gäste zu einem ermäßigten Eintritt für die zahlen 15 € statt 25 berechtigt. Das Zentrum ist für die ausschließliche Verwendung des Alters und älter.

Immerse yourself in the soothing water plasticity.
From the superficiality of the everyday life to the depth of being.
Go in search of harmony with the place that welcomes you.
Wrapped in the warmth of the warm waters of the hydromassage let go the imagination.

Wooden benches and an hourglass to never lose sight of the passing time and immersed in
contemplation of Mont Blanc.
The temperature, which ranges from 70° to 80° C, with a humidity between 10-30%, causes the body temperature elevation, a strong sweating, the acceleration of tissue metabolism: from here purification from the dross and impurities of the body, the improved circulation of tissues and a benefic muscolar and psychological relaxation.

A cloud of steam surrounds the body and is deposited on the skin by creating a pleasant feeling of well being and relaxation going to act with the functional principles of Alpine products. A multisensorial moment with chronotherapy and musictherapy to promote brightening, detente, psychophysical equilibrium, where time seems to slow down, you reduce the micro tension and regenerate thoughts.

To find all the vital energies and stimulate the circulation, after sauna and steam room is essential an appropriate response. With us you can choose between the classic side jets, the blade of cold water or mint or lime water mist.

A little cuddle before leaving is our tropical shower enflavoured with papaya and passion fruit

Breathe in and out ... Remember your natural rhythm.
Find the awareness of your body.
Leave behind the hustle and bustle and take the opportunity to find, during your holiday in Valle d'Aosta, your inner balance.
Rehydrates the body with one of Herb teas that we offer and clears the mind.

Not to disturb the peace of the place entry is for over 18 years od.